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Learning and explaining technology has been a theme throughout my career and personal life. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance from New York University, I began my career at a leading Wall Street firm. I provided support for all software and hardware used at the company as a trainee on the IT help desk. Meanwhile, I spent afternoons and evenings learning software development. As a business analyst and programmer, I worked on the firm’s brokerage and trading systems, coding software enhancements, and writing new applications.

I wanted to transition into the tech industry after five years in IT in financial services. I was excited to get the opportunity to study at MIT Sloan, where I earned my MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Hired by Intel after grad school, I packed up everything I owned and moved west to Silicon Valley (northern California). Following Intel, I worked in senior marketing and business development roles at small through large tech companies. I weathered several market booms and busts and the turmoil of getting laid off twice and starting over. During this time, I returned to Boston to be closer to extended family in the northeast US.

About twenty years into my technology/marketing career, I was grateful to have learned best practices from many tech employers. But I was also very tired of company politics and bureaucracy. I felt like a cog and knew I needed change. A stint in real estate learning the residential and commercial markets provided valuable education and contrast with the tech industry. However, I was surprised to discover that I missed the breadth of work I had done as a marketer and ongoing technology innovations.

While doing some soul searching and exploration, I decided to draw upon my career and life experience and build my own venture. Craving variety and a new challenge, I would return to marketing as a consultant and small business owner. Now I focus on digital marketing, analytics, and copywriting. The services I offer let me balance left-brained analytical work with right-brain creative activities. My goal is to grow and scale Ascenify as a digital marketing agency.

When not working, I enjoy cardio and strength training, getting on or near the water, and home improvement and renovation projects. I am also a build-your-own-system (BYOS) enthusiast, having completed five PC and server builds and countless upgrades to off-the-shelf hardware. If not tinkering with gadgets and tech, I might be sipping a glass of red wine and catching up with family and friends or planning a weekend getaway.

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