About Ascenify

Ascenify provides digital marketing services for technology, software, and other companies that sell complex products and services.

Ascenify is based in the Boston metropolitan area.

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fRequently Asked Questions

Who are your target clients?

I work with business-to-business (B2B) companies primarily. Given my background in the tech industry, most clients sell technology, software, and other complex products and services.

Do you only work with clients based in the Boston metro area?

No, I work with companies across the USA that are in my target market (companies that sell technology, software, and other complex solutions).

Where is your office located?

I utilize a co-working space west of Boston. However, due to health safety recommendations for COVID-19, all client (and prospective client) meetings and discussions are conducted by phone or video conference.

Do you partner with other consultants and freelancers on engagements?

Sometimes, depending upon the client’s requirements. I am always looking to develop productive, mutually beneficial business relationships with other consultants and freelancers whose services complement mine. I partner with consultants and firms where there is an excellent cultural fit with my business, a similar approach to engaging clients, and a track record of ethical business practices.

Do you offer services not listed on your services page?

Yes, I have worked on a lot of different marketing projects and initiatives throughout my career. The services page represents my current focus, but I am happy to discuss other areas where my skills and experience can benefit your organization.

Why is your company called Ascenify®?

My goal is to help clients grow their business with effective marketing that attracts more leads and converts those leads into customers. I wanted a company name that conveys the concept of growth. After conducting an extensive branding project, I chose Ascenify as my business name (and brand).

Is Ascenify® a real word?

You will not find “Ascenify” in the dictionary since it is an invented word (and trademarked). Think of the name “Ascenify” as a composite of various English language words. The first part begins with the word ascend (as·cend | \ ə-ˈsend), which means "to rise, climb, or soar," or "go upward to a higher point." The suffix "ify" means “to make, cause to be, render.”

Like the Ascenify brand name, the Ascenify logo (also trademarked) includes vertical bars (representing metrics such as revenue or growth rate) increasing over time. 

Is the name Ascenify® and logo trademarked?

Yes, both the name Ascenify and the Ascenify logo are registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. A trademark law firm monitors for illegal use (infringement) of those trademarks. Please do not use them anywhere without written permission from Ascenify LLC.