Why Me?

Below are five reasons why you should choose me to market your products and services:

Have been in your shoes

It is stressful having an enormous list of short-term and long-term marketing tasks to complete. To reach your goals, you need to find ways to leverage the skills of others who can help you.

As a product marketer, I often utilized external service providers for critical projects. Now that I am on the other side of that relationship, I know what you need to accomplish and can help make you successful.

My MBA training helps me maintain a big picture view even when deep in the details

Every marketing initiative should support your marketing objectives. Earning my MBA helped develop a broad view of how companies operate and create value for their customers. Each business function, role, and activity should contribute to achieving the company’s goals. Having this perspective helps me align my work with your priorities. I will not lose sight of the forest when focusing on the trees.

With my business and technical background, I understand the needs of different customer audiences

For most B2B products, multiple stakeholders participate in evaluating your solution. To close the sale, you need to persuade each approver that yours is the best option. Businesspeople have different criteria when selecting a product than the information technology (IT) department.

I understand the perspectives of both business and technical decision-makers. I started my career in IT, doing software programming and implementing solutions. As a marketer, I wrote business and technical content and trained field sales, partners, and customers. 

Can quickly learn complex technology and distill benefits

Technology is often complicated. A list of product features without a full understanding of the benefits they provide will not be of interest to your prospective customers.

I have marketed many different types of technology. (Was responsible for marketing server platforms, enterprise software, internet data center hardware, and VOIP / telephony solutions – as well as small business accounting and backup & recovery software). Each role required developing a deep level of expertise before I could effectively promote that product. 

As a lifelong learner, I will apply what I know to help you stay ahead of the competition

One consistent aspect of digital marketing these days is that it is in a constant state of change. Technology and tools evolve, and new approaches emerge. Keeping informed about all these changes is essential, especially in competitive markets.

I strive to enhance my marketing and consulting skills continually. I invest significant time and money to learn the latest tools, techniques, and best practices. I will bring my leading-edge knowledge to the work I do for you.